Sunday, 24 February 2013

YouTube with a Twist

Youtube is the most preferred and undoubtedly the most popular video destination on
the Internet. Little wonder then that there are several sites out there that allow you to
experiment with Youtube to get more from it. Let’s take a look at some of them and what
they have to offer.

If you love watching videos on Youtube, but find all the comments, ads, recommendations annoying, then you can use Simply open and drag the ‘quietube’ button from here to the tab where the video is located. You can now enjoy your video without any distractions. It also supports Vimeo and Viddler

You have a video that you want to share with some friends and get
their reactions instantly. You can share it on social networking sites, but then it will also be visible to others on your friends list. Here’s where comes in. It provides you with a platform to create a virtual room, get your videos and invite your friends to view the same. What’s more, you can also chat with each other while watching the video.

As the name suggests, with, you can create a mixed tape of your favorite Youtube music videos and share it with whoever you wish. The process is very simple. You can simply type or paste the video URL in the designated space and it will be added to your list. Alternatively, you have the option to type in the Youtube username to upload all the videos posted by that user to your playlist. You can then arrange, add or remove tracks as you wish. Another similar option is

Become a video DJ by combining two videos with the help of You can take the fun element a notch higher
by playing together two dramatically different videos, and you're
guaranteed a laugh riot. All you have to do is go to the site and enter the URLs of the videos you want to play together and then share the doubled-up URL with your friends.

If you want to share only a specific portion of a YouTube video, then you have the option to do so by adding #t=MMmSSs to the end of the URL. Here, MM stands for minutes and SS for seconds. When you share the link with these details, the video will start playing from the time mentioned. But with you can take it step further and share only the exact part of the video you wish to share by simply adding the start and the end time. Another alternative is

A German start-up, YouFlow presents a novel way of browsing Youtube. On the site, you can type the search word and it will show you the results in the form of images arranged on a kind of slide. You can drag the slider and browse through the images. At one go, it will fetch you 50 video results. If you see something that interests you, then you can simply click on it and the video will start playing in a pop-up window. You also have the option to play more than one video at a time, which can be a handy feature.

Another cool way of exploring Youtube is with the help of Just enter your search word and hit [Enter]. will showcase several videos at one go neatly arranged in a tiled collage. If you move the cursor across the videos, then they will all start playing at once. Of course, if you have a slow connection, then do not attempt to do this. If you wish to see a particular video, then simply click on the tile and it will start playing in the window.

If you love a particular video enough to watch it again and again, then is just the tool you were looking for. Just open the site, paste the URL of your video and click Enter. Once it reaches the end, it will automatically start again without you having to press the replay button. Other sites that allow you to play videos from Youtube in loop include and

If you wish to create a playlist of all your favorite videos on Youtube so that you can play them when you like or even share them, then is just the site for you. With TubeSnack, you can share or embed a number of videos at once, build your playlist, and even choose from several stylish skins to further customize your playlists. You can also choose to create a classic or a Flash video playlist. Another option is, where you can discover videos shared by friends on Facebook and create a playlist with the same.


  1. Francis_OverSea8 March 2013 at 09:14

    Thx a lot for these list !

    I didn't know QUIETUBE2.COM, it's very good stuff. I hate ads and comments on Youtube (most of comments are "looooool" or "this is shit" :/). Moreover the design is pretty nice.

    I don't know if you looked for all famous youtube web apps, but there is one I use regulary : YOUTUBEMULTIPLIER.COM It's very similar with YOUTUBEDOUBLER.COM but with more features. For example, you can pre-define a muted video, or you can use the "global buttons" to synchronize all players together. Very usefull :)

    Anyway, I hope my review is helpful and will be useful for further reading.



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