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Choose The Best Graphics Card.

Graphics card is one of the most wanted element in a pc.If you are a hard core gamer you have been confused between best graphics card available in the market. Confused by model number?Not surer of the best brand?This Guide is for you.!With an endless battle between Nvdia and AMD for many years currently- knowing which graphics is best in a particular price tagis a real challenge.The battle for high|the highest} graphics card of this generation started before traditional this year with AMD unleashing its top 2 graphics cards: the Radeon HD 7970 and Radeon HD 7950, right at the beginning of the year in January month. .In this segment we  test almost all mid-range high-end graphics and provide right decision to buy graphics.


AMD current generation graphics card are codenamed  'southern islands'.The new chip are build with GCN architecture using 28nm fabrication process .They realse there  high end graphics card HD 7970 and HD 7950 last year.The HD 7000 series has lot of improvement over there previous Sibling.The HD 7000 series has improved DX 11 performance, supporting almost all textures.New HD 7000 series are complied with power tune technology.You can also use AMD PowerTune to reduce the power consumed by your system


Nvdia are bit late to release there kepler based GPU.The GTX 600 (Kepler based GPU) comes with lot of added features.There new 28nm architecture bring with incredible power efficiency.They  first introduce dynamic boost technology features that automatically overclock the current based on current frame rate.This feature was possible earlier through software but Nvdia now put it into chip itself.
           We ran two test to find  maximum efficiency of selected graphics card.Lets take a look on current graphics card available in the market.

AMD Radeon HD 7850

The HD 7850 is a better GPU available in the market with a low price tag.if you want a smooth frame rate at 1920*1080 resolution with high end game setting you should consider HD7850.We test metro 2033 with better frame rate 30fps.But this card fail to give steady fps all over the game play.Graphics card with this gpu   are good value for money.But you should consider Nvdia GTX 660 thoose marginally better than AMD radeon HD 7850
Price Rs 17,000-20,000

AMD Raedoen HD7970

AMD HD 7970 is the fastest in 7000series.But this graphics card are not fast enough to beat Nvdia GTX 670 and GTX 680 .So this graphics card not give good value for money.If you find this graphocs card give good game paly just go for this graphics.But can can find Nvdia graphics are more powerful than this card in same price tag.
We test metro 2033 with better frame rate 30fps.
Price Rs 35,500-40,500

Nvdia GTX 660

This are most powerful entry level graphics in GTX series,This GPU are little more powerful than AMD 6950.While come to performance it beat the more expensive GTX 570 .If you confused between AMD 6950 and Nvdia GTX  660 go for 660.We test metro 2033 with better frame rate 30fps. Price Rs 17500-21000

Nvidia GTX 680

If you are looking for fast GPU available in the market then the GTX 680 is where you should spend your money.It beats all high end graphics now available in the market with a good margin.We test Metro 2033 and  this gives amazing graphics performance.If you have some money and want a really exceptional single-GPU video card, the GTX 680 is that the card you wish.
Price Rs 35,500-45,500


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