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Flash dead samsung pop plus(S5570I) easily...(android 2.3)

Dont worry if your samsung pop plus crashed and stuck in the boot up.Here is a simple way to flash your phone and manually upgrade android 2.3 from froyo

Software Requirement

2 Odin Multidownloader v1.84: Odin tool is used to flash your samsung phone but there are diffrent version of  odinfor diffrent phones 


Official Stock Firmware: Phone orginal flash files.You can download offical firmware from from

Firmware Details : 
                                              Version: 2.3.6
                                              Date: 2012-03-05
                                              Region: Middle East


Odinatrix: Odinatrix to decompress  firmware files and get Odin flashable files..



1) Extract all downloaded files using WinRar or any other similar extracting programmes.

Decompress stock firmware and get odion flash files.Please read this article "
How to use Odinatrix to split one package firmware into multiple tar files"(not necessarily S5570I)

2) Run odin multidownloader 
3) Check re-partion,Auto reboot and reset time.
4) Click on PIT button and browse to the folder and load tassve_0623.pit.
5)  Click on BOOTLOADER button and then load DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5570XXXX_REV03.tar.md5 . 
6)  Click on PDA button and load the .tar file with PDA on it's name
7)  Click on PHONE button and load the .tar file with MODEM in it's name
8)  Click on CSC button and load the .tar or .tar.md5 file with CSC / CSC-MULTI in it 
9)  Boot up your device in Download Mode. Press Volume Down + Home (Middle button) + Power button simultaneously for few seconds to boot to download mod
10)  When your phone is in download mode (a screen with Yellow Triangle and Downloading written on it), connect your phone to your PC.
11)  If Odin detects your phone it should says something like 0:[COM4] in one of the boxes on the ID:COM area just above the Options. Then is your turn to press the Start button.
12)  Wait till Odin downloads the firmware files on your handset and installs them.
13)  After few minutes of patience, you should see PASS written at the top left box. You can then disconnect your S5570I from your PC.

If you have any doubt plese post it in comments.


  1. Wow!!! I Love This Immortal Instructions:) How To Bring Back An Dead Phone To Life :) I Saw And I Did & Succeeded.. Thanks A million For This highly Helpful Post :)
    My mobile Samsung GT-S5570I Was Dead By luck i gone Through your Instructions Practically And I Succeded.. Thanks A Lot once Again.

  2. Hello

    I have bricked my pop plus. Now whenever i restart it shows start screen means "SAMSUNG GALAXY MINI GT-S5510i" then it restarts again and shows start screen and when it restarts it goes to recovery mode automatically. Pleas tell me what to do, do i have to take it to some repair shop or is it permanently bricked.
    Please help me

  3. soooooooooo much thanks to you man i have been searching for 2 months but hadn't find any solution. but because of you i have unbricked it. so many thanks bro

  4. Thx big bro, sooooo much for ur effort of bringing a dead phone to another second chance. Take care and continue ur good deeds.

  5. I've Got a bootloop on my Samsung GT-S5570i Galaxy Mini. please hep


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