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Reset Your Forgotten Windows Password easily

Whether you have forgotten your own password on Windows XP or Windows 7 PCs, here is a straightforward trick that doesn't need you to transfer any third-party utility or run complex commands. you'll take into account this technique a security flaw in Windows, but there ar ways in which you'll additionally block it before someone else uses it to induce into your computer. However, if you are doing thus, you might not be ready to use it yourself if you get locked out of your computer. you may then need to use different resources (like Linux) to crack/reset your password. it's always advisable to change the ‘Administrator’ account and set a to it to that. In this way, you'll get into the Administrator account and reset  password.
                                             Windows XP, Windows vista and Windows 7 have a integral feature called Sticky Keys. this is an accessibility feature that was enforced to assist people with physical disabilities and additionally to assist reduce the strain of repetitive keystrokes. It helps serializing keystrokes rather than pressing multiple keys at the same time. You can find out more from the system’s control panel. in this article, we'll show you the way to take advantage of this feature and switch it into a password hacking option. The trick involves replacing the Sticky Keys management panel with the command prompt then triggering the password reset commands from within the command prompt window. However, doing this can be not as simple as said. Since the Sticky Keys can't be simply renamed once the computer is logged in, we have to do it from recovery mode.
                                         In this workshop, Sticky Keys isn't actually wont to hack the countersign, but we will create use of its options to pull up the command prompt in administrator mode. we might have to be compelled to pull up the command prompt before the computer is logged-in so as to change the password. However, since the command prompt cannot be accessed during pre-login, the Sticky Keys possibility is used here. Nevertheless, to induce the necessary hack in place, we'd like to run a couple of commands. Let’s check out how that's done.
                                        First, you need to boot your computer using your Windows installation DVD. Make sure you had your BIOS set to boot from the optical drive. Once you boot from the OS installation DVD, choose the choice to repair your pc. Windows can start loading the mandatory files it desires and starts searching for issues that it will sight. to choose the placement of the put in Windows OS on your drive. Choose the appropriate one and click on ‘Next’. After the recovery mode checks for options, a pop-up will raise if you want to restore your system to an earlier using exploitation System Restore. Decline the choice and press the Cancel button. the next screen can state that Startup Repair cannot repair your computer automatically and raise you to choose to send the data report back to Microsoft. Again, decline the choice and click ‘Don’t send’. the next window can ask you once more what it should do Click on ‘View advanced options for system recovery and support’. This link will take you to the options page wherever you must click on the ‘Command Prompt’ link. Once clicked, you'll have the command prompt window where you must sort the following commands:

C: (This command can land you to your C drive where Windows is originally put in on your HDD)
CD\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32(This command will change to the System32 folder under the Windows folder)
REN SETHC.EXE SETHC_BACK.EXE (This command creates a backup of the original StickyKeys utility)
COPY CMD.EXE SETHC.EXE (This command copies the Command Prompt utility to StickyKeys) 
EXIT (This command exits the Command Prompt window)

                                         Now that you simply have finished with the necessary needs to run the command prompt using the Sticky Keys function during the login period, you can restart the computer and boot the pc normally without the dvd. once the computer has booted into Windows, you'll land on the login page, wherever you need to enter the password for the user. assuming you have forgotten the password and want to reset it, here is what you've got to try and do. Hit the ‘Shift’ key fi ve times. The Sticky Keys will sense the shift key being ironed 5 times and will try to popup the Sticky Keys utility. However, since we've replaced the original Sticky Keys utility with the Command Prompt utility, you'll see the prompt window crop up. This window can enable you to make any changes to the system using the default administrative privileges. Here, merely sort the command to alter the password of the user that you've got either forgotten or are trying to hack into. type the command as follows:NET USER  (For example: net USER francis password1234 (This command sets a replacement password for the user ‘francis’ as ‘password1234’ ignoring the older password) Once done, you'll be able to exit the command prompt window and login using the new password. 
                                    You can use this method to gain access to any user profile whenever you have forgotten the positive identification. However, since it's a simple method, you'll be able to run the risk of anyone gaining unauthorized access to your computer. If you're feeling this could cause a security issue or threat to your and vital knowledge, you'll be able to disable Sticky Keys for good from the control panel.
 NOTE: This article reveals a way of gaining access to  your Windows pc and is for information purposes only. we urge you not to use this for any illegal purposes. 


  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I lost my windows 7 password. I use pass reset utility to reset password by booting it from cd. After that my hard disk automatically formated. what will i do now?I dnt have any windows installtion disk. Please help me

    1. Please Send your questions to Codecow.Do mention your machine configuration, operating system and other details like Internet bandwidth.
      codecow troubleshooter


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