Tuesday, 23 October 2012

NFC | The most important providers

NFC radio technology is supposed to make small change redundant and enable contact-free
payment in all kinds of shops—most commonly by using your cellphone.Here are the most important Service provider which support NFC technology


 Function: An NFC smartphone with the
    Google Wallet app replaces a person's credit card

 Availability: Only in USA so far

 Security: Google requires a smartphone that must be free of viruses


 Function: “QR shopping” has been
    possible since April. One needs to take a photo of a QR code with a smartphone

 Availability: Not known

 Security: Works via smartphones that need to be free of viruses


 Function: Customers of certain banks can charge their cards with money and
    make contact-free payments

 Availability: Edeka, Douglas, Hussel, AppelrathCüpper, Thalia, Famila,
McDonalds, Esso in certain places within Germany

 Security: You lose the credit if you lose the Girogo card


 Function: A normal credit card that can also be used to make contact-free payments

 Availability: 350,000 contact-free
    terminals around the world, plus all places that accept normal MasterCards

 Security: The same security mechanisms as conventional credit cards


 Function: A normal credit card that can al-so be used to make contact-free payments

 Availability: Still developing, but all places that accept MasterCard PayPass
    and Girogo, plus all places that accept normal Visa cards

 Security: The same security mechanisms as conventional credit cards


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