Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Health (3 years, eight months): 

 The platform for electronic medical records failing owing to privacy issues and discomfort of the users to share their medical record on Google. Abandoned in January 2012.

Knol (3 years, nine months): 

 The Wikipedia competitor couldn't duplicate the success of the large on-line cyclopaedia and was closed down in april 2012.

Answers (4 years, eight months): 

The question-and-answer portal was only 1 of the many options on the market on the online, that aren't too completely different from one another (like Yahoo Answers). Abandoned in december 2006.

Labs (5 years):

 the gathering purpose for experimental services in Beta state was closed in Oct 2011 citing the explanation that the corporate wished to target fewer merchandise

Lively (5 months):

 The Second Life clone copied an already questionable conception and was discovered virtually one and a half years later, in december 2008.

Wave (1 year, three months):

This period of time, Mail-Chat-Messenger hybrid was supposed to revolutionize communication however was too confusing to use. Abandoned in 2010.

Buzz (1 year, eight months): 

This social network connected to Gmail flopped when it added  all users' mail contacts while not asking, thus upsetting individuals and privacy advocates who objected powerfully. Abandoned in 2011.

Gears (1 year, nine months): 

The browser plug-in was developed to enable offline usage of Web apps. However, this operate are a part of the web language HTML5, which is why they stopped developing Gears after February 2010


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