Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Faceebook sizing up YouTube and Flickr

If you believe that YouTube and Flickr largest in India Video and Photo Sharing Website, the time has come to correct figures. The world's largest social networking website Facebook in terms of unique visitors to Google's YouTube and Yahoo's Flickr photo-sharing videos and behind the largest website in India has crown.According to the online audience measurement firm Vijisens, nearly 1.87 million unique users in May this year attracted. The number of unique users who clicked on YouTube to 1.55 million, while standing on Flickr went third with 19.1 million users. Facebook's user base in India is growing at 12 percent per month, while the YouTube user base of 1.3 per cent month-on-month growth is showing. Photo reserves in the case of Facebook becoming the largest photo database Flickr Yahoo defeat gave ground. So far, more than 1.5 billion users upload photos to the site, which makes Facebook the biggest photo-sharing websites. According to data available, around 4 billion photos on Yahoo's Flickr.

Globally, nearly 50 million users of Facebook, which is based on high growth business giants like Google and Yahoo could pose a threat.In India, every visit to Facebook users spend an average of 772 seconds, 870 seconds, while Google's YouTube user spends on opening. Yahoo's Flickr is in third with 179 visits per second.

According to Nielsen, in the U.S., according to the number of unique users of Facebook in terms of video sharing and Huludotcom Utubdotcom number comes after. According to Alexa rating agency, the world's second most visited Facebook Gugldotcom the website has become. YouTube is the most visited site in the third. However, in India, in terms of unique users, Facebook overtook YouTube, but still tops YouTube videos in stock. According to Coscor, during May 2010, more than 14 billion videos are viewed on YouTube. Nearly 10 million videos are uploaded on a daily basis. However, the rapidly increasing stock of videos to YouTube, Facebook soon could cause a threat to the crown.

The number of Facebook users in India 80 million active measures. Minal Blar international marketing manager at Facebook told ET, "In India, half of active users visiting the website everyday. Once the user Visit all friends, so usage increases dramatically, because they share through photos and videos. "


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