Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fusion Drive up later with the terminal

With OS X 10.8.2 Apple has integrated the basic Core Storage Technology for Fusion Drive in the operating system. With some luck you can fusion Terminal Drive it up on Macs that are not actually provided by Apple for it. Needed is merely an SSD, which can be recognized as such by the system and a hard disk as a large data memory. Subsequently, through the terminal with the command diskutil cs create fusion drive _diskX_ _diskY_ linked both data storage into a single logical data store "fusion drive." Then with diskutil core storage-create volume _fusiondrive ID_ jhfs must + Macintosh \ HD 500G are the logical data storage provided with a suitable volume still available on the OS X can then be installed. Sufficient for this purpose, the standard version of OS X 10.8.2. However, the process should be carried out only by experienced users, a data loss in the process is inevitable, which is why a previous backup of existing data recommends.


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