Saturday, 17 November 2012


When it comes to bridging the gap between compact point-and-shoot cameras and DSLRs, there are many brands that have launched models with small form factors that have sensors larger than those traditionally found on point-and-shoot cameras. A brand has held back from this segment is Canon, as they are yet to unveil such a camera. Until that happens however, Canon has introduced another product from their PowerShot line-up that aims to compete with these cameras: the G1X.
The G1X is loaded with features that would please both professional and amateur photographers. This camera is feature-packed with all the necessary controls for manual and semi-manual modes. The chief attribute of the G1X is the fact that it features     asensor that measures 1.5-inches. This is by far the largest sensor found on a point-and-shoot. In fact, it is larger than a Micro Four Thirds sensor and sits just below Canon’s APS-C range used on their DSLRs. With this 14.1 MP sensor, along with the brand’s latest DIGIC 5 imaging processor, one can aim to get DSLR-like images. The brand has used a non-removable 4x optical zoom lens on this model, which on a 35 mm film equivalent is 28 - 112 mm. The aperture of this model ranges from f/2.8 to f/16; such wide aperture could let a significant amount of light to hit the lens in low light shots. The G1X features a high-resolution three-inch screen at the rear that sports a resolution of approximately 922K dots. The optical viewfinder is crisp and features a lot of detail. However, it does not provide 100 percent coverage. This model features the various dials needed for accessing different modes and settings. However, there are some features that need to be accessed from the interface as well; e.g., for adjusting white balance, bracketing, etc. It is really easy to use and unlike other professional point-and-shoots, there is no learning curve that goes with this model. The camera allows video recording at full HD 1080p at 24 fps and at HD 720 at 30 fps. The G1X can capture images in 14-bit RAW as well as JPEG.
The outdoor and indoor performances of the camera are excellent. Colours are rendered accurately with skin tones and other colours appearing natural. Full HD video recording was smooth and we were pleased with the overall performance. Priced in India at Rs 47,995, this is an extremely expensive camera; but, the price will probably put most people off. A professional camera loaded with features, it can be a good alternative for a DSLR camera. However, Canon, unlike other brands, are not looking to launch a camera that bridges the gap between DSLR cameras and compact options. Instead, the G1X is designed for owners of DSLR cameras looking for a point-and-shoot option


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