Monday, 12 November 2012

How to be funny online and in real life...

Humor is an essential part of the human experience.  Some philosophers have argued that expressing and appreciating humor is as important as our ability to think. It's what separates us from apes and other primates, making us human. Whether it's Ray willian johson's weekly report on viral videos, Jon stewart's political satire, or Andy samberg's SNL skits, we all laugh and smile at things online. Here's our take on what works and what doesn't.

> Humor is effortless and should come naturally ,

it can't be forced. So be natural , act normal , and don't ever force it. Ever , Trying to be funny almost always fails, whether you're on the web or off it. Beware: for people will see through your act; get bored, stab their eyes and curse their unlucky stars for having to experiences your constipated sense of humor.

> There's a fine line between begin funny or hilarious and making an utter and complete fool of yourself  

Think again: are those people really laughing with you or at you? If you're a "funny" youtube video you'll realize this soon enough-those who like you are the former, while those who want to hunt down and kill you are the latter.

> Begin funny on Twitter is insanely difficult,

mainly due to its 140 characters cap. At least as far as Twitter's concerned, less is better. If you work on a tweet joke for more than a few minute, put aside you self delusion for a second and accept the fact that may be begin funny isn't,you thing. Get off the stage, you should be in the audience!
Just because every Tom,Dick and Harry (and his grand mummy!) can make a meme and post it on your Facebook timeline, it doesn't mean you have to follow suit.

> Use the power of web for effective fact-mining and broadening your scope of humor

to connect and compare two seemingly unrelated or opposite. For instance , if you can connect sachin Tendulkar to Genghis Khan in an article or video ridiculing all the scams uncovered in India recently, You're thinking outside the box.

> Excessive use of expletives dot,t necessarily add to the humor quotient

of the content , and expletives can never make up for lack of humor - using them as a punchline , for instance, If you aren't careful with that potty mouth of your's you'll have potential followers  smell the reek from afar , Wrinkle their noses and flee for away

> Always make fun of yourself.

If you take yourself to seriously and are wound up like a spring, you will have a hard time connecting with your audience.
Humor on the web has all kind of people reading it, folks from across the world, with different background and sensibilities. In your eagerness to make fun of anything and every thing  and everything always remember that  MAKING FUN OF CERTAIN TOPICS CAN BE SOCIALLY AWKWARD., FROWNED UPON OR EVEN BE DEEMED DOWNRIGHT INSULTING. Topics like rape, people with special  needs, The Holocaust, religion and few other are best left unexplored, use you owen discretion.


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