Thursday, 8 November 2012

ZOTAC GEFORCE GT 640 | An excellent budget card that needs to be priced right

The ZOTAC GT 640 is a small card and its light weight makes it an easy fit, even in small cases. Nvidia’s reference design only has the heatsink covering the core, but ZOTAC has used a wider aluminum heatsink that even covers the RAM chips. Nvidia haven’t neutered the card too much and the GT 640 supports Nvidia Surround for up to four monitors. ZOTAC has added a DVI-I, DVI-D and a miniHDMI port. There’s no need for an extra PCIe power connector since the GT 640 draws all of its power from the PCIe slot and the power doesn’t exceed 75W. ZOTAC has stuck with Nvidia’s reference specifications as well and we have a core clock speed of 900 MHz. The card also comes with 2 GB of GDDR3 memory clocked at an effective speed of 1800 MHz. Since this card is based on the GK107 core, you get most of the features of Kepler, but understandably, not all of them.
When idle, the card runs at roughly 40 degree Celsius and during gaming, we recorded a maximum temperature of 54 degree Celsius, which is very good. As long as you keep the resolution under 1680 x 1050, you should be able to easily play the latest 3D games with most of the eye-candy turned on. At Rs 7,800, the ZOTAC GT 640 is a bit expensive and would do a lot better once the price drops to Rs 5,000.


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