Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Not all high-end PC cases are built with fancy lights and transparent panels. The Obsidian 550D is exactly the opposite—sedate, unassuming, and almost too dull. It’s a simple rectangle in a uniform shade of black, save for one metal panel in front. A closer look reveals the 550D’s secrets. There are no fewer than three concealed fan locations with magnetic dust filters concealed behind pop-out doors. The entire case is designed to dampen sound, so you’ll find foam padding on the doors and other openings.
The pop-out doors are also padded so that the case remains relatively quiet when they’re on, and airflow improves when they’re off. The cabinet’s external build quality is generally solid except for the clasps securing the fan doors and the front panel, which seem like they could break with very little provocation. Amazingly, wires and peripherals plugged into the front panel snag when trying to open the door—a huge annoyance.Push-buttons on the rear release the side panels, revealing superb design and construction. The drive caddies, fans and PSU mount have silicone pads to minimize vibration. You get two 120-mm intake fans on the front and another 120 mm exhaust fan on the rear. There are provisions for another two fans (or a radiator) on top, one on the bottom, and one on the side panel, complete with air filters.


Dimensions (WxHxD):530.86 x 221 x 495.3 mm;
Motherboard size:ATX, mATX;Drive bays:5.25” x4, 
3.5” x6;Fans:200 mm x2, 120 mm x1;Front panel:
USB 3.0 x2, headphones, mic 


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