Thursday, 8 November 2012

Unlucky number 13, if you're a FIFA fan

If you're one of the many gamers looking for your yearly footie fix with this year's edition of EA's long running FIFA franchise, you might want to reconsider your options. Milestone Interactive, EA's distributor for the PlayStation and PC versions of the game recently sent an email to retailers stating that the price of the beautiful (video) game became ugly. Here's how much FIFA 13 would cost you if you were to play it on PC or Playstation platforms:
PC – Rs 1,799
PSP – Rs 1,799
PS2 – Rs 999
PS Vita – Rs 2,799
PS3 – Rs 3,499
Though we haven't heard from Redington on the price of the Xbox 360 version, it's same to assume it would be priced the same or have a difference of Rs. 100-200 as it has been in the past.Last year, EA had increased the price of the newer entires in their popular franchises, most notably Battlefield 3 and Need For Speed: The Run, while those hikes where in the range of Rs. 200-500, this is the first time we're seeing such a massive hike across every platform barring the PS2. Most notable of which being the Rs. 1000 bump on the PS3 version and the Rs. 800 increase for the PC version.With foreign exchange rates being as high as they are, other publishers have resorted to an incremental increase in their pricing. Having a popular publisher such as EA adopting this tactic can only set a precedent that doesn't work in favour of gamers at all.


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