Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Real Racing 2 HD

 It wasn't long ago that graphics like this would have been impossible even on PCs. The controls and visuals are absolutely fantastic, taking the entire experience of racing to a whole new level. You can play in Head to Head, Time Trial, Cham-pionship and Cup modes, depending on whether you want a Career or Quick Race. There are over a dozen tracks and 30 licensed cars including BMWs, Jaguars and a McLaren. You should get hours of non-repetitive gameplay from this title, and if you're bored with that, there's a 16-way online multiplayer mode as well. Real Racing 2 is one of the bestselling titles in the App Store.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

This combat flight simulator is a cut 
above the rest, with incredible 3D 
graphics, shadows, and special effects. 
Apart from the amazing visual qual-ity, there are ten types of flight modes 
including Dogfight, Survival, Free-for-all, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the 
Flag. You can buy or unlock a variety of 
planes and follow the storyline or just 
simply enjoy blowing other people of the 
sky. The controls are pretty basic: just a 
virtual joystick and a selection of weap-ons that you only need two thumbs for. 
This lets you perform some pretty crazy 
rolls and spins, all while letting loose a never-ending supply of bullets!

GTA: Chinatown Wars HD

You're a stranger in America, robbed of 
the family heirloom you were carrying 
and left to drown off the coast of Lib-erty City. You'll have to negotiate the 
tough criminal underworld and complete 
a variety of missions in order to restore 
your family's honor. In the process you'll 
wind up stealing hundreds of cars, deal-ing drugs, crashing all over the place, 
blowing things up, getting into gang 
wars, dodging the police, and thoroughly 
enjoying the thrill of it all. The controls 
are a little finicky while driving, but you 
get used to them eventually.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Shadow Vanguard HD

Rainbow Unit is on the trail of a global 
terrorist organization which threatens 
the world's security and stability. You 
and your band of elite spies must break 
into enemy compounds, rescue hos-tages, and utilize each unit member's 
special skills to complete each of the 11 
missions. At your disposal are high-tech 
weapons and gadgets such as snake 
cameras that can peer around corners. 
Order your unit members and direct 
their actions in real-time. The events of 
the game unfold much like they do in the original Rainbow 6 novel, but the focus here is on strategy more than flat-out first-person-shooter action.

Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge has a distinctive style 
and atmosphere, and makes beautiful 
use of the iPad's touchscreen interface. 
You're a rebel Runner, undermining a 
corrupt authoritarian regime which is 
determined to exterminate you and 
your friends. Swipe around the screen 
to jump, dodge, climb and swing around, 
turning obstacles into mere props. The 
side-scrolling visuals are crisp and stark, 
with no distracting controls or indicators 
on screen at all. The key is to stay mov-ing and build as much momentum as possible, even when under attack. The iPad version introduces a split-screen two-player challenge mode as well.

COD: Black Ops Zombies

Survive as long as you can with wave 
after wave of undead enemies coming 
for your blood. You'll pick up assorted 
weapons and powerups along the way, 
but you'll still have a tough time fighting 
off all the zombies. It's a pretty simple 
bloodbath scenario, although aiming 
quickly and accurately is a little difficult 
with the on-screen controls. You'll get 
points for each kill, which you can then 
spend on upgraded weapons that can 
be found scattered around the levels. There's a four-person multiplayer mode so you can team up with friends too. Killing zombies always makes for a fun time, and this game delivers.


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