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IDEALIST.ORG If you are inclined towards social good but don’t know how to go about it, will provide you with great insights. It is a platform that provides information about various opportunities in social welfare and development, and allows users to connect with each other and with their favorite organizations. If you are already associated with a non-profit organization, you can list the organization on the site and post any requirements that you may have. Using the website, you can connect with volunteers or spread the word about events and activities. If you are seeking opportunities to do volunteer work, you can find plenty of them here. You can search for opportunities in your area of interest, as well as according to the amount of time you intend to commit. You can also volunteer your skills. For instance, an organization may require you to develop their website or manage their data. Volunteering your time or skills is always a plus and may help you in your career. The website is also a great resource for those seeking professional work in the non-profi t domain. A dedicated section on career guidance elaborates on topics such as things to consider before joining an organization, fi nding a job, figuring out where you are headed, and how to strengthen your journey. You can browse through the job listings or explore opportunities to volunteer abroad. The site also has listings of events, programs, and internships. You can sign up to receive e-mail updates about them.


Often the price of a product varies across retailers. The website or ‘Where is Cheapest’ helps you determine the seller with the right price. You may call it a social networking site for people who want to buy a product and are looking for information about the best deals and offers on it. You can sign up using Facebook or create a new account. The layout is free of clutter and easy to navigate. When you log in, you see a listing of all the products and the prices they are available for, much like a Facebook wall. Here you can browse through the products, click on the ‘eye’ symbol to view details, or click on ‘iwant’, which works similar to a Facebook ‘like’. Additionally, with ‘iwant’, you can also key in details such as the preferred price, your time frame for receiving the product, and your location. After an ‘iwant’ requirement is created, WIC sends this information to their experts and other WIC users who can then respond to the requirement. You can also search for a product by its name. The results appear as a map marked with the locations of the retail outlets alongside a listing of the outlets. You can determine the best deals at a glance. Additionally, if you know of a good deal, you can share it with other users. The site started off with listings in Pune and is now expanding to cities such as Mumbai and Bengaluru. It also runs contests. You can earn credits for your activities, which can be redeemed for prizes.


Buying computer hardware online can be a daunting task., which has been around for years is undoubtedly the best, but an alternative that you can consider is the design of the website is not very appealing, the wide range of products is neatly classified under categories such as computer hardware, mobile phones, networking, entertainment, gaming and cameras. These are further divided into sub-categories. The computer hardware category, for instance, features processors, motherboards, video cards, RAM, cabinets, cooling fans, hard drives, sound cards, UPS, and much more. An interesting category is that of cables. Here you will find cables for USB, printers, monitors, Ethernet cables and even accessories to manage your cables. Under the gaming category you will find gaming hardware and accessories for PlayStation and Xbox. However, the site does not sell games. The website also has a deals section that features the deal-of-the-month and combo deals. You can make payments using a credit or debit card, cheque, money order, Internet banking, or cash payment at the specified bank. The website promises delivery within seven days, and there are four courier options to choose from. has also come up with an e-cycle initiative, wherein users send them discarded computer parts that the company will dispose off in an eco-friendly manner. In return, users get Rs.125 off on their next purchase at


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