Wednesday, 7 November 2012

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 310 | powerful multimedia capabilities

The Tab 2 310 is a fine looking tablet. It has a premium feel to it, something which has often not been synonymous with Samsung’s earlier offerings. The Samsung Galaxy S III could probably have learnt a thing or two from this model.The Galaxy Tab 2 310 is powered by a Ti OMAP Dual-core 1 GHz processor and has 16 GB of user memory and 1 GB of RAM. The device runs on Samsung’s TouchWiz UI atop Android 4.0. The interface is vibrant and the PLS TFT display is bright and clear, although it’s not of the AMOLED variety. Under full brightness, the screen is visible under direct sunlight. The TouchWiz UI is both functional and lag-free, which is a big plus. It may not be as beautiful as the other custom interfaces, but it more than makes up with its numerous customizations and tweaks.As far as media is concerned, Samsung has everything pretty well covered, right from the interface to the media codec support. The device supports FLAC files and is DivX HD certified. The 310 has a good enough display for personal viewing and it makes for a good portable media player. Also part of the media department are the in-built video maker and photo editor apps. To sum it up, Samsung has given this section the A+ treatment.Because it’s a phone as well, we tested the calling functionality and the recipient could hear us clearly in our test calls. The speaker was loud enough as well. Browsing is buttery smooth and the tablet showed no signs of slowing down despite multiple tabs being open. However, if you’re loading too much flash content, you’ll have to be a little patient. Typing is quicker when in portrait mode, as you have to reach out for the letters in landscape, but that’s more of a personal choice. If you do want to get work done more quickly, an additional keyboard accessory definitely helps.The tablet features Samsung’s ChatON mobile client, as well as Samsung Kies, which is the tool you’ll use to connect the tablet to PCs. There’s also Kies Air, which allows you to do this wirelessly without having to connect a cable to your PC each time you want to transfer a few files to the tablet.
It comes with a 4000 mAh battery and in our video drain test it lasted for 9 hours 20 minutes at a stretch. This was with brightness set to 75 percent, Wi-Fi turned offand without a SIM card. Under normal usage, you’ll be able to get more than a day’s worth. If you are using 3G services, however, the figures will drop. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 is priced at an MRP of Rs 19,900. Except the camera, Samsung has managed to get everything correct with the Tab 2 310, including the price tag. Currently, in this price bracket, there’s not much to compete against it.


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